Costello, Matthew
The last puzzle Cherringham - a cosy crime series ; [16]
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When amiable old village eccentric Quentin Andrews dies, the good folk of Cherringham are astonished at the crowd that turns up to his funeral. But even more astonished are the beneficiaries of his will: Quentin has left a veritable fortune to whomever is the first to solve an intricate 'Cherringham crossword.' That puzzle is only the first of many that Jack and Sarah will uncover as they follow the treasure hunt for clues and learn the truth about who Quentin Andrews really was ... and the biggest mystery of them all ...was he - in fact - murdered?

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Costello, Matthew:
The last puzzle : Cherringham - a cosy crime series ; [16] : Bastei Lübbe, 2015. - 93 S.
ISBN 978-3-7325-0848-8

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