Ferrante, Elena
The Beach at Night

"Left alone on the beach to fend for herself, a doll named Celina is having a terrible night. The Mean Beach Attendant of Sunset is trying to steal all her words, the Fire wants to burn her, and the Sea refuses to answer her prayers. Worst of all, she has been abandoned by her mamma, the little girl Mati, who now has a new kitten to play with. Between one misadventure and another, night turns to day, and when the sun rises Celina will see everything a little more clearly.Full-color illustrations by Mara CerriThe Beach at Night is a short, moving, and mysterious tale for future and present readers of Ferranteâ²s beloved novels."

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Ferrante, Elena:
The Beach at Night : Penguin USA, 2016. - 1 S.
ISBN 9781609453718

EM-422148377 - Signatur: eBook - eMedium